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Invest in the care you would want for yourself

Capital improvements and new equipment are costly, and are not funded by any level of government. The only way we can make the vital improvements our seniors deserve is with your financial support today.

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Invest in the care you would want for your loved ones

Resident Climate Control Systems: $1,295,000

Infection control is vital to the health and safety of all residents at SJF. To help prevent the spread of infections like Covid-19, and ensure the building can handle the increasingly extreme heat and cold temperatures associated with climate change, SJF must replace and upgrade its HVAC system as soon as possible.

Resident Common Area Safety and Security: $1,181,000

Keeping residents safe and secure is our top priority. Your gift can help SJF repair and upgrade our flooring to guard against slips and falls, the #1 risk to seniors. Your generosity will also help with urgent building priorities including roof repairs, improving signage and enhancing emergency lighting.

Resident Rooms Safety: $541,000

To ensure residents receive the highest level of care, SJF urgently needs to purchase new equipment including bath chairs, lifts, nurse call LED monitors, carts and specialty beds and mattresses.

Resident Comfort and Entertainment: $225,000

Making the move to long term care can be challenging. To ensure residents feel at home, we have prioritized items that bring comfort, including new chairs for resident rooms and the chapel, upgrades to the communal TV lounges and the purchase of a new piano and organ.

Information Technology: $106,000

From computer and software updates to office furniture, your gift can help us purchase the essential technology and equipment needed to keep our home running smoothly.

Resident Dining Experience: $152,000

Mealtimes are a special time here at SJF, giving residents an opportunity to socialize with their neighbours and enjoy nourishing home-cooked meals. To keep up with the 1,200 meals served at our home each day we urgently need to purchase new kitchen equipment including kettles, hot plates, 2 new Blixers® and a convection oven.

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